Gitolite – Delete wild repositories

Wild repositories in gitolite are a very convenient way of managing lots of small repositories with the same permissions. Users with the C permission can easily create a repository by cloning one that matches the defined repository-regex.

To delete a wild repository multiple steps are required (details below):

  1. Per server: Activate the gitolite command D
  2. Per repository: Unlock the repo for deletion
  3. Per repository: Delete the gitolite repo

Activate the gitolite D command

For the first time you need to make sure that the gitolite D command is activated on the server (which is not the case by default).

ssh gitUser@myserver
nano ~/.gitolite.rc

Uncomment the D command in the ENABLE block to activate it.

Unlock the gitolite repo for deletion

Check the -D usage using ssh gitUser@gitServer D -h and use the suggested commands:

ssh gitUser@gitServer D unlock myRepo

Delete the gitolite repo

Decide if you want to delete it immediately (rm) or retain recovery options for some time (trash).

ssh gitUser@gitServer D trash myRepo
ssh gitUser@gitServer D rm myRepo


Using these steps you can easily create unused or old gitolite repos on the server.

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