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DIY: Internet Speed Monitoring and Visualization Pipeline (native)

Did you ever wonder if you get what you are promised by your Internet provider? I did, so I constructed a pipeline to continuously log and visualize up/down speed. To use it you might need to install speedtest-cli, R, pandoc and latex. There are 2 ways to get this service running, the first one is […]

Gitolite – Delete wild repositories

Wild repositories in gitolite are a very convenient way of managing lots of small repositories with the same permissions. Users with the C permission can easily create a repository by cloning one that matches the defined repository-regex. To delete a wild repository multiple steps are required (details below): Per server: Activate the gitolite command D […]

Reverse-SSH-Tunnel: How to access a computer which has no static IP

In practice I regularly discovered situations where it would be advantageous to be able to access a locale computer which neither has a static IP nor configured DDNS. In general I see 3 possible solutions. Buy a static IP for that PC (cost money) Use DDNS (access to the router is serviceable) Use a reverse-ssh-tunnel […]

My First Post

Let’s start this little blog by joining the “Internet Defense League”, while I still configure the look and feel.