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to_gif: A Bash Script for Easy JPG to GIF Conversion

When taking pictures of moving objects or scenes it would often be awesome to convert them into an animated gif. Unless you used a tripod you will still have slight camera movements and shifts which are then visible in the gif. There is a geekoverdose post which describes how to use the hugin commandline-interface for […]

Auto-Scroll-Down in Swing GUI Progress-/Status-Window

In this post I’ll describe how to enable autoscroll for a JTextArea in a Java Swing GUI. Some GUI applications raise the need to incrementally inform the user about the state of the program, which is particularly important when starting time consuming operations. Providing a user with up-to-date progress information might prevent him from thinking […]

Filter .bam files for a specific chromosome and start positions of reads

Working with sequence/alignment-data, you sometimes need to filter an existing .bam file e.g. for data reduction or read extraction. In this post we describe and implement one way to filter the content of .bam files by a given chromosome as well as by a given range for read start positions. A straight forward and flexible […]